Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Challenge: Write a song relating to public transportation. Use 'found audio.' Example: record something on the street.


  1. good week every one!

    Corbet - "stop for me" is going to be my new theme song for ruining for the bus. brilliant!!

    Kerry - "the stinky ballad of Honolulu city councilman Rod Tam" is the winner of the the coveted song club longest title award congratulations! (+2 victory points) also I loved the count in, the topical nature of the song, and just everything about it. you rock!

  2. Thanks!!!

    I just have to say that truth is definitely stranger than fiction. Thankfully, they killed the bill on the grounds that it was not enforcable. That's beside the fact that it's just really stupid and discriminatory.

    Haha. I don't know why, but the long title just seemed appropriate for this tune.

    I think it's kinda funny that we all wrote about the bus! I actually had my first experience on the Muni a couple of years ago. I was actually kinda scared! Harry Potter 7 was totally awesome!

    Thanks again for the compliments. I really enjoy listening to everyone's songs. I don't think I can overemphasize that!

    Ben - do you play all the instruments on your tracks? I really like the way everything sounds in the mix.

    Now, on to this week's challenge...

  3. Glad to hear the system still works once and a wile even if "the brain in Ron Tam's head" is going of the rails a bit.

    this week I played all the guitar and bass tracks but I programed the drums. One of my favorite things about song club (and there are many) is messing around with different stiles and instrumentation. I love to hear returning members branching out as well. I always feal challenged and inspired buy the talent displayed in the submissions each week.