Thursday, January 28, 2010


 Write a song about your favorite superpower, magical, comic book or otherwise. Challenge: Write it in the key of D.


  1. Joel - I loved all the synth stuff you used in this song. it sounds much diferent then what I've herd from you before.

    Casey - I'm glad you recorded your song Ilove the chorus. reminds me of Lou Reed. was that the lesly efect on your vocals?

  2. Ben - Your vocals are always so clear and clean, how do you do it?. I love the chord you played on the first "myself". The build up to that line is perfect.

    Casey - It's great to hear a new song from you.

  3. oh how I have missed song club. it felt good to record a song again. i won't miss another week. and yes, Ben, that was a leslie.