Thursday, June 16, 2011

Alchemy Collective

This weeks very special challenge (Brought to you by the alchemy collective) write a song for the Alchemy collectives Kick Starter Campaign.

First prize is $100
Second prize will be $75
Third Prize will be $50
Fourth Place will be $25
and all runners up will be entitled to two cups of coffee at the coffee bar once we get the cart built!

  • Alchemy Collective guidelines would be write a song in any key you choose using two or more instruments, one must be percussion or synth and all entries must include vocals of some sort. (extra points for vocal harmonies) All the songs should weigh in under 3:45.
  • Musician friends of Alchemy: Here is your challenge; come up with a song for our kickstarter campaign that lyricizes our mission to open a worker owned cafe in Oakland and the current goal of getting enough money to buy equipment for our espresso cart. The following are more suggestions and info for song fodder than guidelines since all the info will be written on the kickstarter page. So basically it can be more entertaining than informational if you want. The video the song will be playing over will mostly just be us building the espresso cart and events that we've done.
  • Major themes: worker (cooperative) ownership, the history of the collective (you can make things up or exaggerate if you want-go nuts), Superior coffee.

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