Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Challenge: Write a song about your hometown.

The Chop - Born in Wilmington
• Erica Canada (feat. Kirya Traber) - NoMadHometown
• Ben Davila - O.C.
• Mary Hansell (feat. Elysha Rom-Povolo) - Never
• Corbet Wong - AEIA
• Fera - Everyone's Going Nuclear
• Joel Courtenay - In Praise of My Hometown


  1. These are fun. The Chop's reminds me of Ween.

  2. I am probably going to be singing The Chop next time I need a rowdy drinking song.

    Fera when I visited Chico, it seemed like such a nice town and you seemed like such a nice guy - now I know that you are eagerly anticipating a Nuclear holocaust I really don't know what to think.

    And Joel - quite a branch out from your other styles.

    Corbet - wonderful bridge. That's all there is to say.

    Erica - is Kirya singing or is that you? I couldn't tell. Your song this week was very reminiscent of Calvin Liu.

    Ben - I love that the things you love from the OC are your friends, your family, and the stuff you left in your dad's attic. Way to defend. :)

    Ok enough with the essay. Sorry I didn't submit this week. Saving up my skills for the combustion challenge.

  3. Nice. This is a very cool idea, very awesome. Good work all around but I particularly liked Mary's. Will be submitting as often as possible.

  4. Awesome!! I will be drinking to your Wilmington song as often as possible.

    Rad songs this week.

    Fera, i've always noticed the Nuclear Weapons sign when driving into chico- its rad that you incorporated that into your song.

    and Mary, your voice makes me see colors

  5. Chico doesn't take nukes lightly; if you detonate one in the city limits you get fined a whopping $500.