Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Challenge: Write a song about robots. Use your cellphone as an instrument.

• Corbet Wong - Robot Love
• Joel Courtenay - Robots
• Sasha Tuel - Robopop
• Fera - Robots
• Ben Davila - Robots
• Erica Canada - Fucking Robots
• Elysha Rom-Povolo - Robots
• Casey Saran - Robots


  1. This did't work the first time I tried... but...

    Nice group this week! The cell phone challenge was really creative whoever thought of it (Calvin?).

    Also - for Joel - loved the "Let's get some shoes" reference!

  2. I think this may be the best week since witness protection!!!! Awesome use of sell phones... I really like the pitch shifted ring in Sasha's song--- and Fera's "hello moto" tone.

    Hey Corbet, I think the Japanese ended up with your girlfriend. They are putting her to work as a runway model so I hope you got a good price for her:

  3. Yeah, really great songs this week. I love the wide range of styles and ideas.

    for Elysha - Thanks, but it was actually a sample from the opening of the Twisted Sister video "I Wanna Rock", but you're right, the father character does say the same line in the "Let's Get Some Shoes" video.

    (P.S. I has a difficult time posting a comment using Firefox so I downloaded Opera and it seems to work fine.)

  4. Good find, Casey...weird how musicians seem to date runway models. It was bittersweet seeing her again. I'm happy for her success and exposure, but it also reminded me of the heartache from letting her go.