Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Challenge: Write a breakup song. Give yourself no more than two takes for each track you use.

• Sasha Tuel - You Can Call It Even
• Ben Davila - Breakup
• Fera - Eidolon
• Elysha Rom-Povolo & Ben Davila - What Are We Gonna Do?
• Casey Saran - She Took My Wii
• Joel Courtenay - She Left Me
• Corbet Wong - This Time

Also check out a couple late entries to last week's challenge below.


  1. DAMN SASHA!!!! i will never break up with you (but I won't be mad if you sleep with my roommates)

  2. The wonders of dating Sasha at 17. Thanks Casey, but I think Ben might mind if I slept with Elysha. Mary on the other hand.... >=D