Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Challenge: Write a song in a foreign language.

• Erica Canada - Novitcho
• Casey Saran - Donde Esta La Biblioteca
• Ben Davila - Foreign
• Corbet Wong - Shoorai
• F8822 - Foreign
• Joel Courtenay - Cette Semaine
• Alan Glasband - Nakayokosione
• Calvin Liu - Dwa Ko Dai

Late entries:

• Fera - Ei Natchta
• Bipple VladislavKreig - 1010100101


  1. Apparently when people write songs in a foreign language they gravitate toward pop. Good week all!

  2. Bipple, I agree with you completely- The strawberry crops have been consistently yielding less fruit since early 2004.

  3. Hey! I see you changed your name, Bare Max. F8822 eh?

    Your foreign song kicks ass. I came to listen and was worried that it had disappeared into the vast digital ether.