Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Challenge: Write a song about spontaneous combustion. Aside from your singing voice, use your body as an instrument.

Alan Glasband - Lifeline
• Joe Dominguez & Corbet Wong - Combust
• Fuera - Pressure
• Elysha Rom-Povolo - Getting So Hot
• Ben Davila - Combustion
• Casey Saran - Burst
• Calvin Liu - I Wanna Combust


  1. Welcome to the club, Alan. And damn, Elysha, you got some soul, girl.

  2. Ben's instruments remind me of Hee Haw, which means he wins.

  3. Alan- Welcome to song club! Awesome backing vocals. can't wait to hear more

    Joe and Corbett- Awesome harmonies. I don't know how you always manage to have such a professional sounding, catchy song every week.

    Fuera- Awesome textures. my favorite part is the loud "Ha" that comes in later.

    Elysha- gangsta

    Ben- thats the first time i've heard you play funky. it was bad ass, i want more

    Calvin- the beat is awesome. how do you get the kazoo sounding effect?